Wingtip: “Pavement”

By: James Brookes
August 4, 2018

We have the latest single from Wingtip‘s forthcoming EP, Gas Maskers! Check it out below.

Titled, “Pavement” we find ourselves stomping our foot and singing along to the new release by Wingtip. The melodically catchy hook will have you humming and moving to this feel-good-track. Need an uplifting jam to get your day started? This is it! The summery vibes of vibrant sounds is just what you need for your playlist. 

The new track can be found on Wingtips forthcoming EP: Ghosts of Youth. Just like “Pavement” we can expect to hear more folk infused, indie pulsing beats! In the meantime, purchase your copy of “Pavement” on iTunes today OR stream it below.

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