Willow:  “Release”

By: Michelle Vaccaro

Willow’s new “Release” is an ode to his homeland.  It’s a country track about his country, Australia.  The song is a catchy.  It’s hard not to move along to the beat.  The descriptive lyrics are very visual, creating images of what Willow loves about the “Land Down Under.”  The Aussie singer wrote the track and explained the meaning on his website:

‘Release’ is my love letter to the incredible Australian landscape and was inspired by my many travels across the diverse and inspirational land I call home. I wanted to portray my connection not only to the land but to the sky above and the oceans that surround us, as well as the importance of sharing this place with all other creatures great and small.

The video encapsulates the same message through the artwork of Alex Major.  The animation showcases the different landscapes of the continent as the animated Willow relishes in it.  The song and video could be a great tourism tool for the country.  The beauty expressed in the lyrics and shown in the video makes listeners/viewers want to experience it for themselves.  Check out the video for “Release”

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