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Will Kline: “Better Love”

By: Tiare Pito
November 14, 2021

Will Kline has just released a new single, and we are hooked! Few songs can captivate like ‘Better Love’, and we are sure it will earn it’s spot as a regular in your playlist.

‘Better Love’ speaks to the fear and difficulty of allowing yourself to love again, after having had your heart broken. Embracing the struggle of doing so, it is THE song to listen to when you are struggling to open up. And yet, even having endured this, Kline does not focus on the negativity of the situation, rather, in a positive twist, talks about having found new love in spite of his past experience. This warming message connects with listeners and lifts spirits with ease.

‘Better Love’ is also delivered with raspy vocals and moving instrumentals. The tactful way in which it is arranged and put together all  merges into a raw and emotional listening experience.

Suffice to say, we have fallen head-over-heels for ‘Better Love’! We are excited to see what Will Kline will come up with next!

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