Wildwood Kin: “Never Alone”

By: Jared Free
July 22, 2019

Looking for a folk/chamber-pop track done right? Wildwood Kin’s “Never Alone” is just the ticket.

This song really starts to crystalize during the verses. Listening to the many harmonies drives home the central theme of the song; that no one is truly alone. The girls wander through various deserted landscapes in the video, walking towards an unspecified location. As the harmonies give way to some truly mind-blowing counterpoint in the prechorus, you can feel the instrumentation build to a cathartic crest in the chorus. Most songs in this vein lose their sense of rhythm here, but Wildwood Kin manages to infuse a head-banging propulsion into the song, making it dynamic and addictive, perfect for the shower or singing in the car.

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