Wild Rivers: “Weatherman”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

The forecast looks bright for indie-folk band Wild Rivers with their latest single, “Weatherman.”

Wild Rivers is a four-piece indie-folk band from Canada that have perfected their melodic harmonies and unique music style. Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover are the lead vocalists of the group, with Andrew Oliver on guitar and bass, and Ben Labenski on drums.

The blending of male and female vocal harmonies is something I automatically enjoy listening to on any song. However, “Weatherman” takes blended harmonies to another level with Devon Glover being the standout female voice on this very likeable track. The simple lyrics play out like a poem, with a subtle air of nostalgia that creeps in to bring on the feels.

Wild Rivers kicks off a tour on September 10th in Boulder, Colorado. They have shows lined up throughout September and October 2021, with stops spanning all the major cities including Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, Boston and New York City. In May 2022, Wild Rivers heads overseas for tour of the UK and Europe.

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