Wild Rivers: “Kinda Feels Alright”

By: Demetrius Justice
March 23, 2020

Wild Rivers has done it again! “Kinda Feels Alright” is your answer to that feeling of reassurance when you get a little tipsy but stumble across a good time; possibly even love.

“I catch myself when I’m on my own,” is the opening line to the melodic chorus that you’ll find yourself singing to all day. Wild Rivers is an Indie-folk band based in Toronto, and ironically, the natives of cold weather are bringing the heat to the US airwaves. The bands latest effort “Kinda Feels Alright,” is a smooth and airy jam with a liberating undertone. We really enjoy the male leading vocals along with the guitar and acoustics in the background. The idea of letting go and being free is the best kind of music to live to, take a listen below, and see if you feel the same way we do.

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