Wild Rivers: “Do or Die”

By: Princess Carroll
April 21, 2020

Indie folk band, Wild Rivers, explores the pain of breaking up in their new single, “Do or Die.”

This new release from the Toronto based band is emotional! From the vocal performances to the instrumentation, we feel the same turmoil that’s being expressed in the lyrics. Using their duet, we peak into a crumbling relationship through the eyes of a young couple. We hear the gripes from each party, going back and forth like an argument between the two. Verses like “it’s time to put our love on the line” heighten the gravity. This isn’t a lover’s squabble, this is the defining moment for their future. A stirring guitar and piano performance rounds out the track as the decision is made and the relationship is over. Heavy, I know- but it’s a great piece!

Ironically, Wild Rivers’ new album stems from the pain of break up. At the end of one of their tours, band member Khalid Yassein parted ways with his ex. Their new album, Songs to Break Up To was born out of Khalid expressing his heartache alongside his bandmates. The new album will be released on May 1st. Wild Rivers has a US tour planned for summer; however things may change due to the virus. For all US sales, $1 of each is donated to Voices of Our City Choir, a non-profit addressing the needs of San Diego’s homeless. 

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