Wild Fire:  “Seventeen”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 21, 2021

They may be in their teens, but their music goes beyond their years.  Wild Fire’s “Seventeen” talks about life as a teenager but you don’t have to be that young to enjoy the song. 

It’s something which we can all relate.  It’s the uncertain, insecure time at the cusp of adulthood, when a person is trying to figure out who he/she wants to be and what he/she wants to do.  The sister duo’s sweet vocals and harmonies help express the innocence of the time. 

Sisters Kayla and Kelli Lutzwig both write their music, but Kayla specifically started penning the lyrics for “Seventeen” on her 17th birthday.  The Houston based Country/Pop duo shared their explanation for the song with The Country Note saying, “‘Seventeen’ is about knowing who you are one minute, and doubting yourself the next. It is about being bold, brave, and fearless at times, and other times being afraid of making the wrong decisions that will lead to failure.” 

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