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Why Everyone Should Use Tazeka Aromatherapy


By: Pamela Chan
May 3, 2017

The human sense of smell is a powerful thing, one that goes way beyond just being able to guess what’s for dinner or what familiar face is lingering around in the next room. It is highly personal, hugely beneficial, and just too beguiling for its own good, lending not only a hand in heightening everyday emotions and desires, but also providing nonstop goodness to the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Clinical Aromatherapist Zena Hallam knows this to be true, which is exactly why she created her Tazeka Aromatherapy line, which takes the idea of aromatherapy to a whole different level by offering nice dosages of optimism, balance, and motivation inside gorgeously shiny little bottles.

The ever-growing US-based brand is the brain-and-nose-child of Hallam, a true modern-day alchemist, more-than-rad reflexologist, and all-out scent mage that grew up in Guyana, South America watching her mother heal family and friends using herbal medicines.

It wasn’t long before she was falling head over heels in love with essential oils herself, turning also into an aromatic healer to help others around the world thrive by sharing her mother’s unique story and knowledge through the gift of healing. Hallam even formally studied the natural methods of healing and aromatherapy in the US, England, and France, earning certification as a clinical aromatherapist who, unlike many others, blends holistically. For her, it is not just about the individual physiological and psychological effects of the pure essential oils she uses (which, by the way, are guaranteed by Tazeka to be 100% organic, ethically farmed, unsprayed, or wild-crafted, as well as free from synthetics, paragons, and chemical preservatives), but it is also about the actual synergistic effects. Tazeka is, essentially, a fine collection of tiny miracles that serve the whole person — body, heart, mind, and free spirit.

Scents, for the most part, are a hugely personal part of life, and because the best of aromatherapy “should be fun, smell great and be therapeutic, all at the same time,” says Hallam, she takes great pleasure in knowing that her seventeen sophisticated blends of ‘magic potions’ from organic jojoba oil continue to wow scent seekers hoping to target specific health issues or state of minds with sass and in incredible style.

Need help staying focused from all of life’s distractions? Try the “Concentrate” and “Tension Tonic” roll-ons, which have proven to provide all too many stressed out individuals the opportunity to stay balanced and on task. Or, if you’re having a bit of the Monday blues, are in low spirits, and are starting to feel seriously sluggish or slow, roll on some Motivation, regain some vitality, and grab a hold of just the right amount of happy energy to help get you through the days. Just a nice little mix of lime essential oil and drops of thyme can help break up stagnant energy on physical and psychological levels, inspiring the strength of will within you to tackle that ever-so-long list of things to do. 

Yep, Tazeka’s products are that smart, strong, and savvy, as it was with the help of essential oils that Hallam herself actually got through some of the lowest points in her life. She continues to master the fine art of blending to keep her spirits up, to keep her body balanced, and to keep her mind from going in circles, making good use of the Tazeka brand, (the name being a combination of Hallam’s mother’s name (Tazmoon) and hers (Zena)), to mesh science, spirit, and style with truly one-of-a-kind no-bigger-than-lipstick case packaged roll-ons targeting specific issues via the natural energy and historical healing qualities of essential oils. There’s something for everyone out there, so everyone from always-on-the-move soccer moms to the busiest of 9-5 worker bees can hold tight onto something small to brighten up each day. 

Let’s just say that this is not your average aromatherapy. As MyShowcase co-founder Kate Shapland puts it, Tazeka is “the sexiest presentation of a quality clinical aromatherapy solutions brand […] One for [the] bag, one for [the] car, one for [the] coat pocket! Magic.”

Magical indeed.

Allow your senses to run wild and free by following Tazeka Aromatherapy on their website and on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your nose will be thanking you.