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What Ever Happened To Tom From Myspace?

By: Taylor Thompson
May 15, 2017

We all remember the glorious days of Myspace. Between the drama of figuring out your Top 8 to the ever-changing plethora of layouts and icons, Myspace was indeed, “A place for friends.” But what about your first Myspace friend, Tom Anderson, the creator of Myspace? What happened to him after he sold the social media defining platform?

Low and behold, it looks like Tom is doing just fine. You can find the savy creator having a blast while traveling and photographing his adventures around the world. His website: features content with tech, architecture, and travel articles—keeping us all abreast of what our first friend is doing these days. 

Needing someone new to follow on Instagram? Check him out at: @myspacetom!

…and yes, he has the same profile picture.