Welshly Arms: “Sanctuary”

By: Sydney Cooper
April 10, 2018

Cleveland americana rockers Welshly Arms have released the most soulful anthem we’ve heard in a quite some time. Keep reading!

β€œSanctuary” is a pulsating track with juxtaposing heavy rock sounds against a beautiful gospel choir. All wrapped up in a thick, soulful vocal qualityβ€”it’s hard to get ENOUGH. We are loving the masterful blending of all of these sounds by the six-piece band and the message that β€œSanctuary” carries. The song tells us to find our personal sanctuaries, whether they be within others, in things we love, or spaces, and to keep them regardless of what the times are dictating. This is a powerful, beautiful track and we cannot wait for the debut album to drop later this year.

Lucky for you, we’ve added this one to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist! Purchase your copy of this track on iTunes today. Now available. 

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