WE LOVE LUCY: Taylor Nicolette Takes Escape The Night By A Storm!

By: James Brookes
August 27, 2018

If you’re a YouTuber like most of us at the Gas Mask HQ, odds are, you’ve watched Escape the Night. What you didn’t expect, was the whirlwind of a storm new-character LUCY would bring to the table. After seeing fan reactions, we HAD to sit down with the naughty-girl-actress, Taylor Nicolette, to talk about why everyone is LOVING Lucy. Here’s what she had to say:

Photo courtesy of Taylor Nicolette.

“Firstly, a HUGE thank you to all of the fans. I am completely blown away by all of the love! My favorite part of playing Lucy was getting to play such a fun, bad ass, totally insane anti-hero! Lucy is very complex and an extremely naughty one! I am so grateful to the director and writer of Escape the Night, the brilliant Adam Lawson, for this incredibly fun and unique experience.”

When asked about booking the role, Taylor elaborated on working with the cast/crew.

She said, “I was so excited to book the role of Lucy because it meant I would be working with the very talented and humble, Joey Graceffa! I’m amazed by Joey Graceffa, Adam Lawson, Youtube and the entire Escape the Night team for creating such a unique, fun and scary show that consistently has viewers on the edge of their seats! It was truly an awesome experience and I hope to work with them all again soon.”

Now that fans have been exposed to Lucy, we want to see more! In fact, wouldn’t a spin off be nice? I mean, demon dog was a great addition too . . . Lucky for you, we did some digging and found out new details about the finale! Check out what Taylor had to say:

“The next episode airing Wednesday on Youtube Premium is directed by the super cool and talented Ashley Krick with wickedly phenomenal writing by Ryan Copple. You’ll get a glimpse into Lucy’s life in Everlock, with her beloved Demon Dog, of course! Demon dog is played by the fantastic Alexander Ward, who has played so many memorable characters! I am so excited for everyone to see the finale and I hope to play Lucy again. On second thought, Lucy needs her own show!”

YO, YouTube! Can we make this happen?? #BRINGbackLUCY

Be sure to catch the finale of Escape the Night this Wednesday (August 29th). We’re ready to delve deeper into Everlock! Don’t forget to give our girl a follow on social media too! Instagram: @taynicolette | Twitter: @TaylorNicolette.

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