Wazzzay: “DM”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

“DM” is the new hip hop single from rapper Wazzzay. If you thought “DM” is a song about direct messaging girls on social media, then you would be correct.

So long days of calls and texting, social media DMing is the preferred method of contact for the masses these days. It’s only fitting that there would be a song to commemorate this modern age of messenger. “DM” captures the whole social media vibe perfectly with a super-catchy rap rhythm and a bunch of fun, flirty, creative lyrics to accompany it.

Malawian-Canadian born Tam Nsaliwa was a former professional soccer player before he decided to follow a different path, into music. He reemerged as rap singer Wazzzay. Proving to have a solid flair for rap, as displayed on “DM,” he certainly made the right decision.

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