WAMI x Julia Shuren: “Playback”

By: Tiare Pito
October 30, 2021

WAMI and Julia Shuren have teamed up and released a new single ‘Playback’, and we can’t get enough of it! With an easy going, nostalgic tune, it is THE song to listen to when you need to take a break from life and want to lose yourself in the music.

‘Playback’ takes one back to older times, when life was simpler. It speaks to a time where all was right with the world, and things were uncomplicated and stress free. It is a song full of wistful yearning for the past, and invokes a deep longing in listeners to return to these times. The universality of this desire to think back and reminisce on better times is what allows ‘Playback’ to instantly connect with any and all listeners. 

WAMI’s dreamy beats and guitar licks combined with Shuren’s smooth vocals provide the perfect setting in which to deliver this message. Even if you were to ignore the lyrics, ‘Playback’ still successfully manages to invoke a dreamy, sentimental vibe in sound alone. It is a unique yet evocative listening experience.

With such a well written, emotive song, WAMI and Shuren have managed to capture our hearts. We are excited to see what is next from both of them!

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