Walker’s Cay: “Why Oh Why”

By: Yasmine Sahid
October 25, 2020

At first thought you may think that this song has been taken out of the vaults with it’s classic rock sound and edgy lead vocalist. But what if I told you it was released this year? That’s what makes “Why Oh Why” a song that is worth the listen for rock lovers.

When you first begin to listen you notice the low note hum that is famous in many 80’s music or soundtracks. The Candaian based band then adds guitar to that hum where it’s led off into a mini orchestra of guitar riffing. It was a very bold decision to actually make the first minute of the song mainly guitar playing. But it was a decision that I was glad they made since it adds to the song’s nostalgic vibe. Around the 1 minute mark is when the band introduces the lead singer’s signature voice and the full band that just blows you out of the water. Headbanging drums and the poetic wails singing “Why Oh Why” makes this song stand out from a lot of the rock music we hear today.

Maybe it’s because I’m an old soul in a young body but I heavily appreciate the 70’s rock sound this song emulates. Walker’s Cay will certainly leave a mark on music heads young and old.

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