Wake of Fire: “Panic Room” (California Waiting)

By: Princess Carroll
April 14, 2020

Wake of Fire takes us on a thrill ride in their new single Panic Room (California Waiting)!

Panic Room has all the essential elements of the genre- passionate vocals and stirring guitar solos. The vocals, coupled with stellar instrumentation take us on a journey. Panic Room has multiple shifts throughout, which keeps listeners on their toes. This makes the track unique, and could attract new fans to the genre. There’s something in the song for everyone- from high octane to slow and melodic, which you don’t always find in metal.

If Wake of Fire sounds familiar, you may have heard them under their former name “Slaves to Circumstance”. The Albuquerque based band released their first album, Telephone Funeral, earlier this year which includes this new release. We look forward to hearing more music from them. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a post-quarantine performance? Guess we’ll have to keep checking their Facebook to find out!

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