VOLLÉSTAD: “Never Meant To”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 17, 2022

Volléstad is making things known with his new single, “Never Meant To.” 

The dance track takes listeners on an auditory ride.  The heartfelt lyrics are paired with a variety of tempo changes, giving the sense of the emotional state of a person ending a relationship with someone he/she truly loved.  The vocal pace variations also add intensity.  The fast vocals help express frustrations while also moving the song along.   When the voice lingers, the passion behind the lyrics is amplified.  The honest words and clear vocals make the song’s intentions clear.

Even though the lyrics are sentimental, the music doesn’t let the song stay sad for long.  The upbeat chorus brings a burst of energy.  It’s hard not to sing along or dance to the catchy track.

“Never Meant To” is a collaboration between Norwegian producer Volléstad and Canadian singer-songwriter Bobby John. 

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