Visen: “To Be Alone”

By: Tiare Pito
December 3, 2021

The talented music duo Visen have just released a new single, and it has captivated us all! Skillfully capturing the experience of falling in love, it is THE song to listen to when you are in the mood for romance with a dash of passion.

“To Be Alone” breathes to life the feelings that one experiences as they fall for another. A fundamental part of the human experience, the universality of what Visen speak to draw listeners in with their relatability and allow them to connect. 

“To Be Alone” is delivered on smooth, dreamy vocals. Coupled with an artfully arranged guitar accompaniment, this song absolutely stands out. All aspects combine seamlessly to create a powerful listening experience.

We have absolutely loved what Visen brought to the table with “To Be Alone”, and have no doubt that you will too. It is exciting to think about what will be next from the duo!

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