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Vinchenzo: “Headphone”

By: Sydney Cooper
April 28, 2018

Vinchenzo’s new track will have you falling in love with your passions all over again. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

Pop track “Headphone” by Vinchenzo sheds a light on an issue that many artists struggle with: who are you making art for and why? The soulful vocals pose these questions in a beautifully raw and authentically genuine way. We’re wrapped up with encouraging lyrics and the ultimate mindset to participate in art (or whatever your passion is) for you and for no other reason than to share your gift. As long as you love it, nobody else has to. We love the positivity of this message, amplified by the breezy and catchy beats. Catch the track below, or listen to it on our  Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist.

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