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Victoria Anthony: “How Cute”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 07 2021

Victoria Anthony’s “How Cute” may have a sweet title but the message behind it is more sour.

The song comes off as a happy tune but it’s really about a person who is bitter about what happened in a previous relationship.  It’s an interesting dichotomy between an upbeat track and scorned lyrics. 

The infectious pop song is enhanced by the Canadian teen’s charming vocals.  In addition to singing on the track, the 16-year-old is also a co-writer with Ryan Worsley and co-video director with Brock Newman.  Anthony expressed on her Twitter page how much she enjoyed making the video and all the fun she had filming the destruction scenes.  Despite her young age, Anthony has been in the spotlight for a few years now. 

In 2018, a video of her singing at a Pink concert went viral.  Last year, she released her debut album Real Life.  Recently, she gained recognition from The GRAMMYs and The Recording Academy after being chosen to participate in their “Press Play at Home” series and “Reimagined” series.  With all of that under her belt and new music being released, Anthony is on the trajectory for a successful career. 

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