Vassel & Rooby: “Like Magnets”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 07, 2020

EDM duo Vassel & Rooby emit pure energy and light on their uplifting track, “Like Magnets.”

From the very first note you will be hooked on this exhilarating song filled with blissful beats and harmonically rich melodies. While the duo’s finely calibrated production style is spot on, their unique vocal harmonies are what propel this song to another stratosphere. These two infuse so much passion into their performance and it radiates off every note on this track. Their effortlessly positive lyrics seriously have enough power to give you a rush of serotonin. 

“Giving us hope/Filling our hearts with love/We’re out of control/Feeling the freedom in our veins,” Vassel & Rooby instantly lift our spirits with every word they sing. This anthem is ready for the club or for a long drive along the Malibu coastline––whichever scene you prefer. 

Whether this song conjures images of palm tree-lined highways or a strobe light-filled arena, this track will definitely fulfill your daydream fantasies. “Like Magnets” is the perfect upbeat tune to get your heartbeat racing and your feet moving as you dance along to the infectious beat. Give it a listen for an instant mood boost and let us know what you think! Stream the track below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. Feel free to connect with our writer as well: @emkopel!

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