Vandalye: “Little Piggy”

By: Eric Reyes
April 30, 2020

Rock is half attitude, half artistry. Folk is half melody, half message. Alternative is all ambiguity, with a pinch of innovation. Vandalye breaks the genre levees with “Little Piggy.”

With a heaviness that borrows from both Rock and classic Metal, the punch of the instrumentals hits hard. Despite this harshness, the vocals are firmly Folk, part chant, part croon, dipping into spoken word to really drive home the message of the song. The mood in this track is almost hypnotic, drawing from the great traditions of raconteurs throughout history. Catchy, with clever lyrics, a sound somewhere between spooky and martial, Vandalye are seated beside the communal story-telling fire and are looking right at us, the light of the flame dancing in their eyes. Of all the parts mentioned earlier, the various ingredients of these disparate musical flavors, Vandalye offers up their own spice, their own tincture, their own splash of something special: Talent. Listen below, and tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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