Vanda x Joel Woods x AV Solo: “Psycho”

By: Princess Carroll
April 24, 2020

Sure to be a summer jam, we’re loving Vanda’s new single, “Psycho” featuring Joel Woods and AV Solo.

From Mariah and ODB to Ariana and Mac Miller, we all love a romantic mashup between artists- and this track is no different. Like Ariana and Mariah, Vanda’s vocals are something to be admired. She brings a strong yet graceful tone to the song. Even while admitting to being a “Psycho”, Vanda’s performance is effortless. Joel Woods and AV Solo contribute their soulful vocals and catchy lyrics to make the track even more distinct. 

Vanda released her first single Young for Life in 2016, which joined Pandora’s Hit List. Psycho is a follow-up to her previous release Kid Again in February of this year. The singer has teased an upcoming album, but hasn’t officially announced a release date. Hear the new single from Chicago’s own Vanda down below, Gas Maskers! You know how much we love hearing from you. SO, let us know what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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