Urban3some: “So Long”

June 15, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Urban3some is one of those acts that does not abide by popular tastes or industry habits. β€˜So Long’ is a song you can get lost in, with ample room to let your mind wander and absorb the sound.

The sound, speaking of which, is marvelously complex. Often the inclusion of string instruments will feel like an attempt at creating complexity by the juxtaposition of modern sensibilities with classical aesthetics. Here, they have their place in the song because they’re apart of the actual composition. They’re not a bay leaf chucked in for a powerful punch of flavor. They’re the salt and pepper that is β€˜to taste’, ie what feels right. And oh, does it here.

The late 90’s early 00’s West Coast experimental Prog-Rock is here, a sound that is hard to describe but unmistakable. It’s the contemplative guitar work that brings out that vibe, a voice all its own that weaves itself among the entire ensemble, letting everything have its time in the sun. A pluck and a strum here, echoing among the electronic keyboard and chilling violins and cello.

The vocals deserve some special attention. While sparse wouldn’t be the right word to describe them, I would say that they’re carefully considered. The impact of the vocal performance isn’t the amount of space it takes up, but how it uses the space it is given. It adds to the texture of the song’s sound, from the direct element of the vocalist’s breathless, sighing, at times wild intonations to the layered echoing just at the edges of the performance.

This is a track that shows the group’s dedication to the art over the industry, and I’m a fan. You will be too, or your money back. Well this is free but you know, if you ever run into me in the street you can ask for your money back and we’ll share a chuckle and go on with our lives. Because there’s no way you won’t love this track.