Unsho & Saikõ: “Milano”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
July 13, 2022

Based on the title, Unsho & Saikõ’s new single may sound Italian, but it’s actually an English-language dance track by French producers. “Milano” has an entrancing beat that hooks the listener from the start. The hypnotic vocals complement the upbeat, rhythmic sound. The vocal and tempo changes keep it moving while adding variety to the club track. Unsho & Saikõ both produced and mixed the song. The two collaborated with musical artist Palm423 on the track.

Unsho & Saikõ are traveling the world with their new music. The Parisian producers dropped their joint debut EP, Far N Night earlier this year and just released their 11-song album Far N Night: Combustion. Both are filled with location-based titles, with “Combustion” featuring their newest single “Milano.”

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