Gas Mask Magazine

UFORIA: “Crawl”

By: James Brookes
June 27, 2019

Toronto based indie rockers, UFORIA, have a new track you’ll be dying to hear! Listen to it below, Gas Maskers.

If there’s one thing we love at the Gas Mask HQ, it’s a rock track with a hook that we can sink our teeth into! On the latest release from UFORIA, we find ourselves jamming out to their new release titled, “Crawl.” With a soundscape of rifting guitars, and polished-anthematic vocals, this track is an ear worm that you won’t be putting down anytime soon. In fact, we’d recommend this tune in the gym, at work, or for a good night out. It’ll put you into forth gear to take care of business! Don’t take our word for it though. Stream the tune below today!

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