TYSHER: “Run With You”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 16, 2020

Nuremberg-based DJ and producer TYSHER has given us a run for our money with his debut single, “Run with You.”

Since 2010, the German musician has been bumping house music on his own weekly radio show on 54HOUSE.FM. Now the DJ has decided to branch off and start his own label called TYSHER RECORDS. “Run with You” is the artist’s first track released under his own independent record company, and we’re already huge fans.

This enigmatic dance track is bursting with bright beats and inspiring lyrics. If Bonnie and Clyde were living in this day in age (and they were into the club scene), we’re pretty sure this would be their anthem. “If you wanna run, if you wanna run/Baby, I will run with you,” the female singer on this track captures the free-spirited, rebelliousness of everyone’s favorite runaways. 

This song could easily be applied to any young lovers aching to get away from it all––with or without a bounty on their heads. Combining echoing piano keys and high energy synths, TYSHER creates a romantic and invigorating sonic landscape to back his storytelling. We’re impressed by TYSHER’s sophisticated debut track and we’re sure there’s more greatness to come.

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