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Tyler Shammy: “Characteristics”

By: Princess Carroll
December 22, 2020

Tyler Shamy is back with another hit with “Characteristics”!

The new single is catchy and hard-hitting. Working with famed producers Koosen and Green Bull of Strange Fruits, it’s no surprise we can’t get this beat out of heads. 

We get another taste of Tyler’s vocal range in this single. His performance gives the track dimension; he manages to take a fun, high energy sound and give it emotion and depth. Despite its upbeat sound, the lyrics profile a toxic relationship between two lovers. Tyler expressess the frustration of one who’s tired of being used and undervalued. The subject decides to finally take a stand for himself and refuses to continue on the hamster wheel. It’s a heartfelt, honest moment and leaves listeners on a high when he decides to put himself first. The message is empowering but in a subtle way that gives both voice to victims and good music for the casual listener.

If Tyler sounds familiar you may have heard his previous release, “F*cking to Forget”, which we reviewed on Popbulb. We’re excited to share yet another stream-worthy track from the singer-songwriter (and voice over) artist! Check out “Characteristics” below! Tell us what you think of this track on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. Feel free to connect with our reviewer Princess on all socials (@PrincessCTV).

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