TW3LV x Huntar: “Tonight”

By: Cody Fletcher
March 23, 2020

If you want to escape from the craziness of the world around you this evening then look no further than the single “Tonight” by TW3LV and Huntar. 

The French based DJ/Producer and British crooner unleash a musical experience that promises to whisk you away to a dimly lit night evening of fun. This soulful pop ballad drips with a smooth cool that invokes a low-key club vibe. You’re left feeling young and engaged. “Tonight” has an energy to it that feels reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B mixed with a jazz club feel that you could just sip a good cocktail at. Huntar weaves a story of passion, of losing yourself in the moment and throwing caution to the wind as you look to try and find a connection in single evening. A cool beat and crisp lyrics wound their way into my mind and I found myself: head back and feet up as my hands bobbed to the beat. I lost myself in the music for quite a while. Neither artist currently has any tour dates.

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