Trust Tate: “Home Alone”

May 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Gritty, harsh, with a whole lot of bass. Trust Tate brings out a retro, lo-fi vibe to his latest release, β€˜Home Alone.’

There are plenty of bump and grind tracks meant to get things hot at steamy at the club and beyond, but this track has a rough edge paired with a seductive beat that is surprisingly engaging. Doing away with the softer tones and R&B tune, this track is direct, a searching, knowing, welcome pair of hands in the dark. The musk of bodies pressed together at a club awash in darkness and strobes. Of cigarette smoke. Of your favorite liquor.

The mix is surprisingly complex, the levels cutting in and out to give this spinning, chaotic vibe, like voices cutting in and interrupting the pulse and vibrations of club speakers at the edge of failure. There’s a sophistication to that effect, showing a care for the craft alongside the wordplay.

The lyrics don’t mince words. It’s very physical, without being demanding, with a persistence rather than aggression. The verse is confident, and has an intimacy to its voice that takes a bit of the edge from the forward language.There’s nothing threatening about it, though not necessarily without the thrill and chill of danger. Something you want but are maybe afraid to accept. It’s all there, you just have to let it take you.