Troy Kokol: “Moth in a Fire”

By: Tiare Pito
October 30, 2021

Troy Kokol has released a new song, and we are obsessed! ‘Moth in a Fire’ is part of an upcoming album, titled “Watching Over Me”. With its clever lyrics and dreamy sound, we have no doubt that you will love it too!

‘Moth in a Fire’ offers a striking story utilising the metaphor of just that- a moth in a fire. The self destructive tendencies to which the song eludes are presented in a very sublime manner. Coupled with the dreamy vocals and whimsical instrumentals, ‘Moth in a Fire’ successfully provides a very unique listening experience. It draws listeners in, and allows them to connect, by delivering a rather dark tale in a decidedly airy way. This contrast only serves to further the song’s appeal, and mesmerise us. 

Such an evocative song, ‘Moth in a Fire’ is unforgettable. It makes us excited to listen to the rest of the album “Watching Over Me”! We are sure it will all be equally as stunning!

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