Trenton: “Alive”

By: Eric Reyes
April 08, 2020

Storytelling is a lost art in pop music. Pretty auto-tuned audio postcards from branded visions of city or suburban life crowd the airwaves and leave us with a saccharine taste in our mouth. These kinds of songs typically are just distractions, slap-dash chart fillers to stand in line, drive home, stare blankly at a wall to. 

Trenton casually slips his arm around our shoulder, shakes us awake and points to the horizon, reminding us that to be β€œAlive” means more than routine. Lyrics that seem somber at face value muse on the chance beauty of life, warts and all. The vocal work of this stubborn, earnest entreaty to enjoy living is itself inspired. Bordering on conversational, the moody tone shifts from blunt admission to ecstatic revelry on a finely balanced pin. 

We’ll be honest and say we’ve been trying to grin and bear events lately, just trying to get through the day. β€œAlive” nudges us a step forward, saying, β€˜once more, with feeling’ and we can’t help but lift our eyes to the sky and agree with the song’s chorus.

β€œIt feels so good to be alive.”

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