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Treis: “Familiar Strangers”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Having grown up listening to the Motown and Funk of our parent’s generation, when Florida’s own Treis began playing, we were instant fans. 

There is just so much to love in their song “Familiar Strangers.” The title already invokes a Stevie Wonder-esque vibe, and the low, groovy bass guitar, put us in the mood. For what, you may ask? For anything Treis has to offer. The silky smooth vocals of frontman Treis Alexander were like the steam rising off of an ice cube in a rocks glass in a crowded, stifling nightclub. The artist has often referred to nostalgia as an inspiration for their sound, and we feel it. For every play, and replay, and re-replay we listened to, we might as well have been listening to this song on our parent’s beat-up stereo speakers as they danced in the living room. If it isn’t clear, we highly recommend you listen to Treis, like, right now, stop reading and go listen!

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