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Traverse Town: “Rollercoaster”

By: Honey Mills
November 30, 2019

We have the new release from alternative synth duo, Traverse Town. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

Bostonian Synth Pop duo Traverse Town has been churning out hits to massive acclaim the last couple of years, but their newest track is sure to become their biggest yet! “Rollercoaster” is, just like its title, a real ride of a tune! Both breezy and infectious, this catchy tune features Island sounds and chill waves that take you on a super fun ride that you will not want to get off of. We are total suckers for glittery synths and this track is packed with them for days! We love songs that not only sound good, but makes you feel good, and “Rollercoaster” emphatically checks all of those boxes for us!

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