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Totten Bridge: “She’s My Love”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 3, 2023

Listeners will fall in love with Totten Bridge’s new single. “She’s My Love” is a joy from the first

The catchy music and lyrics are sure to have listeners singing or humming along. The
feel-good rock track is a declaration of love. The lyrics describe all the ways Totten
Bridge is smitten by a particular woman. The charming vocals help bring the relatable lyrics to
life. The upbeat guitar, sweet lyrics and honest vocals are all of the elements for a hit song.

“She’s My Love” is one of five singles (“When We Were Young,” “Nobody Knows Me Like You
Do,” “Life Goes On” and “Take Me Back”) Totten Bridge released within the past year. Here’s
hoping to hearing more music from the New York City based artist in 2023.

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