Tora Woloshin: “Higher”

By: Honey Mills
May 30, 2021

Vibrant and energetic are just a couple of things you feel from the latest track from Tora Woloshin! Listen below.

Tora Woloshin knows how to grab her audience. Hands down, β€œHigher” will easily lift your mood from zero to one hundred! From the get-go, the electro/dance pump track is filled with glitzy synths and glittering vocals that will make you dance around your living room. Tora’s vocals are infectious. This track could easily be used on your workout playlist to help you achieve those summer body goals. Just ask us, we’ve been shaking it like a pack of wild animals in the Gas Mask HQ since the song started playing! Don’t believe us? Stream the track on Spotify below! Solid work, Tora.

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