Tonoso: “Fairytale”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 10, 2022

Tonoso’s new single is a “Fairytale” to the ears.  

The electronic track shares the euphoric feeling of being in love through the music and lyrics.  The echoing vocals and instrumental effects provide an entrancing yet magical listening experience.  The lyrics promote the idea that with the right person by your side, anything is possible.  This sense of invincibility is expressed in the lines, “You know when I met you I knew, we would survive” and “Just you and I, you and I vs. the world.”

The “Fairytale” video brings the lyrics to life on screen.  It shows an aging couple lovingly sharing quiet time together, then zooms into a picture of their enamored younger selves.  Tonoso also appears in the video playing the soundtrack to the characters’ love affair.

Tonoso consists of former high school jazz bandmates Jacob Grabb (percussion, vocals) and Paul Salerno (guitar).  The Los Angeles, CA based duo plan to share more music this year with the upcoming release of their debut album Artificial Dreams.

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