Tommy Ashby: “Moonflowers”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 02, 2022

Tommy Ashby cultivated his distinct sound with his new single “Moonflowers.”

The Scottish singer-songwriter brings his lyrics to life with soothing melodies and haunting vocals. His heartfelt lyrics recall moments in his childhood that he spent with his best friend. The mellow guitar enhances the introspective words and feelings they evoke. The sentimental nature of the song leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Ashby both wrote and performed “Moonflowers.” He collaborated with producer Sam Okell and drummer Toby Couling on the track. He shared his enthusiasm for the song in an Instagram video post. He wrote, “It still blows my mind that a song I wrote in my wee studio…on my battered old guitar…gets to go out into the world…as this 💚.”

The video for “Moonflowers” was shot throughout Iceland. It was filmed in a home video style that coincides with the intimacy of the song. Check out the video below: