Tommy Ashby: “A Beautiful Day”

By: Tiare Pito
November 15, 2022

With whimsical tones and a positive energy, Tommy Ashby has captured us all with ‘A Beautiful Day’. Ashby has created a heartwarming piece that will have you smiling before you know it. If you are are having a rough day and need something to brighten your mood and help you relax, then this is the song for you!

As if talking to a friend, the lyrics are riddled with colourful metaphors and playful imagery. They are delivered with the perfect blend of passion and skill. Providing such a calming, pleasant atmosphere, it is no wonder why ‘A Beautiful Day’ has captured our hearts. 

Ashby’s soft, melodic voice and easy going acoustics instantly warm the listener. The soothing harmonies and playful guitar can bring a smile to even the coldest of faces. 

We absolutely love the unique style and personal connection that Ashby provides with not only ‘A Beautiful Day’, but all of his music. We are excited to see what will be next from this talented artist!

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