Tomii Chan: “Angel”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 17, 2018

Is there anything Tomii Chan can’t do!? This “do it yourself” powerhouse has put out a new track that will blow your mind!

Hong Kong audiophile Tomii Chan produces, records and writes all of his own material. His personal touch on all of his work makes his music hard to box into one specific genre because it is so unique, and “Angel” is no exception to this unmoldable trend with Chan.

“Angel” is a progressive folk track featuring dreamy guitars, rhythmic claps and a haunting lead vocal. Whereas many songs would seem too busy or ambitious with so many clashing sounds, Chan masterfully blends them to create an authentic piece built to move you in all kinds of directions. We love everything about this track from the moods it paints, to the sounds it creates, but most of all we love that this is all self made, or as Chan would call it, “DIY.”

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