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Tom Ferry x Clear Six feat. Hayley May: “Nobody But You”

By: James Brookes
October 29, 2019

Tell me, are you with me? HELL YEAH we are, girl! Listen to the latest dance track from Tom Ferry and Clear Six featuring Hayley May. Check it out below!

The unbelievable hooky vibe from “Nobody But You” is intoxicating. In fact, it’s like a lover that you can’t seem to get enough of. No lie, we’ve been dancing around the Gas Mask HQ all week to this one. The synths and beat are the culmination of energy and fun. Hayley May’s vocals are exquisitely performed, drawing the listener in with every note. Don’t worry, we’ve already added “Nobody But You” to our Gas Mask Playlist. Stream it there, or check it out below!

Can’t get enough of “Nobody But You?” Tell us what you love best about this new track on the gram or twitter at: @gasmaskmagazine. Until next time, keep rocking out, Gas Maskers!