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Tom Ferry & Lodato With PollyAnna: “Own The Night”

By: James Brookes
February 13, 2020

Ready for a thumping dance track that won’t get out of your head anytime soon? Lucky for you, we have the latest track from Tom Ferry & Lodato With PollyAnna!

Concocted with rhythmic tendencies and strong grabbing hooks, the song has an essence of party, fun, and glamour behind it. Titled, “Own The Night” this track will get you pumped up for any occasion (especially if you’re going out on the town). The vocal is infectious and vibrant drawing the listener in from the start. It’s no wonder why all of us in the Gas Mask HQ have been stuck on it all week! The glittering synths hit hard, Y’ALL! Don’t worry we’ve added this one to our Dance Nights Spotify Playlist: one of our new lists we’re creating with hot dance tracks. Stream “Own The Night” there or below!

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