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Tobtok: “On My Way”

By: James Brookes
December 28, 2017

Your new melodic jam is here, Gas Maskers!

The latest track from Tobtok will have you stunned with a catchy beat and compatible lyrics. Celebrate your New Year with “On My Way.”

An unapologetic pop/EDM track from Swedish Producer/DJ Tobtok is EXACTLY what you need to get the party started. With a catchy hook and a grabbing dance beat, you’ll be in your element when the clock strikes midnight.

Need an anthem to solidify your New Year’s resolution? This track is it. Spread your wings and soar the sky; the future is yours! In fact, we’re digging this track so much, it’s been added to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist!

Purchase your copy of “On My Way” on iTunes today. Our boy Tobtok won’t let you down!

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