Tiny Ghosts: “You Fell Out”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 08, 2022

Tiny Ghosts are bringing clarity with their new single “You Fell Out.”

The track starts out slow and contemplative but builds to an epiphanic and emphatic sound.  The song shares the realization that love is no longer a factor in the relationship.  Lines like “Your eyes are now open wide, you fell out of love, and you won’t go back” express the acceptance and necessity of the breakup.  The clarity conveyed is also heard in the vocals.  The vocals are clear, bright and ethereal, giving a sense of hope amidst a difficult time.  The upbeat music behind the chorus brings joy to the emotional lyrics. 

Tiny Ghosts is a duo made up of best friends Dayan Marquina and Eric Morgan.  Morgan plays the guitar and produces the music while Marquina provides the vocals and artwork.

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