Timi Temple: “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”

By: Jared Free
July 22, 2019

We’re loving the surf rock vibes Timi Temple’s giving us on, “Tomorrow Is Yesterday.” Listen to it below, Gas Maskers!

Timi Temple’s lyrics perfectly capture the millennial struggle on “Tomorrow is Yesterday.” His lyrics distill the feeling of being stuck in one place and not knowing how to move forward — while you know all too well that you have to move forward. His voice plays with the boundary between disaffected and depressed, a mood we’re all too familiar with. The distortion on the guitar interplays with his voice during the first verse, creating an almost call and response before coming together on the chorus. The instruments are like a more polished garage band vibe, super catchy and beachy. If there was ever a perfect song to drink a beer to, this would be it.

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