Tiger Kid: “Ever On”

By: Eric Reyes
October 5, 2020

Tiger Kid gave me a thrill that I don’t often get when listening to many modern rock acts. “Ever On” is solid on its own merits, but it also has a character to it that is almost from a different era of the genre. With heavy flavors of the alt/emo/hard rock hybrids of the mid-00’s, the weight of the song’s sound is carried by this music attitude. 

The instrumentals here are solid, keeping your heart at a steady tempo throughout. Heavy enough to get your head banging, and driven by the intelligible, well-written lyrics, it never crowds out the vocals. The lyricism is very effective, never sacrificing a rhyme or phonetic through-line for the sake of the beat or backing instruments. The breakdown in the end, combined with the well-placed screams throughout, give the song a fiery energy that doesn’t fade or feel disjointed in its application. 

Tiger Kid is an act to follow, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more releases from this welcome addition to the Rock scene.

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