This Modern: “Symphonies”

By: Eric Reyes
April 24, 2021

This hybrid act was a breath of fresh air. Mixing the spoken-word stylings of rap with a hyped-up, EDM-like backing, and the muscular emotional abandon prevalent in rock, it really gets to you.

A song I had playing often as I drove home from work late at night, it has a bracing effect. Often when you listen to a song, you are hit first by the vibe, the sound of the track, before the words. This track, after many plays, spoke more and more to me. The story of someone being wounded by the actions and neglect of another, and accepting those wounds as lasting and possibly irrevocable, struck close to home.

The production here is also amazingly effective, the vocal manipulation working to enhance the emotional expression of the chorus. Instead of being gimmicky, it is just another part of the layered experience. It doesn’t detract from the vocal performance, working in tandem to uplift and enhance the experience.

The forlorn feeling got to me, as a lifelong, recovering emo kid. The melding of rap and rock, though not the core or main strength of the track, gave me flashes of Linkin Park, a sound that is surprisingly rare these days. Definitely give this track a listen.

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