These Wolves: “Beautifully Miserable”

By: Blaire Cache
October 16, 2018

These Wolves are ready to rock your world with “Beautifully Miserable” listen to the new track below!

‘These Wolves’, pseudonym for New Jersey based artist Darren Fisher, was established in 2016 and has been rising to the top ever since! His single electro rock minded single, “Beautifully Miserable” pens a large feeling to an intimate thought: making the one you loved feel loved. This track is driven full force by wavy guitars and piercing drums to truly roll your ears through the emotional and musically placed peaks and valleys throughout the rolling choruses. We are loving the vibes of this tune! This is a great track for the changing seasons, (or anytime, really!)

Check out “Beautifully Miserable” here and for more info!

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