The Wild & Free: “Let It Rain”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 20, 2020

St. Louis-based alt-pop band The Wild & Free is helping us find the bright side with their latest release, “Let It Rain.”

The group started by guitarist Mike and Dan began as a jam session experiment that ended up turning into something much bigger. With the addition of powerhouse vocalist Rachel, Zach on bass, and Marc on drums, the band was officially established. The group quickly gained traction in the Midwest with their first two singles and began touring shortly after. Now that we’re all under quarantine, the group has taken a step back from traveling and is channeling their energy into putting out new music.

“Let It Rain” is full of uplifting melodies and empowering lyrics––some things we could all use right about now. Blending folksy instrumentals and vocals with a thoroughly classical rock core, The Wild & Free creates a atmospheric sonic landscape where memories and dreams shift in and out of focus. Rachel’s soothing yet resonant voice soars above the misty clouds of past mistakes to reveal the sun shining on the other side. “They tell you pain fades away with time/That one day you’ll be alright,” the singer’s wisdom echoes in our hearts. We know that times are tough, but The Wild & Free are here to remind us that you can’t have rainbows without any rain.

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