The Tyne: “No Plans”

By: Tiare Pito
July 4, 2022

British alt band The Tyne have just released a new single, and we are obsessed! ‘No Plans’ is a pop punk anthem perfect for summer. It is THE song to listen to when you want to let loose and have a little fun!

Speaking to bring faces with a past love, ‘No Plans’ shows the complexity of being confronted with them once again, in a very upbeat way. Talking to time once wasted, rather than bringing listeners down, the fast paced beat and guitar skills of both Cooper Stout and Joshua James lift listeners up, evoking a very pumping, electric atmosphere. To compliment the instrumentals is lead singer Ryan Lofthouse’s earnest, passionate vocals. All audio aspects combine together seamlessly to create a wild, very fun-loving listening experience. 

‘No Plans’ is accompanied with a retro, visually striking music video reminiscent of 90s film in style and presentation. It fits the song perfectly, and is executed in a manner to not only highlight the message of the song, but also the sound and atmosphere. 

All in all, we absolutely love this new banger! It is not a stretch to compare The Tyne to the likes of Green Day and 21 Pilots, in both sound and energy. Keep your eyes peeled for more from The Tyne!

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